21-Day Positivity Practice

Welcome!  Thanks for letting me share information about my upcoming 21-day Positivity Practice!

Let's Start with Why?

Why is positivity important?  Because it leads to happiness and who doesn't want to be happier?

Many of us were taught that when we work hard at school/college we'll get good grades

And when we get good grades we'll get a good job

And when we get a good job, we'll make good money. 

And when we make good money, we can afford the things we want

And then when we have the things we want, we'll be successful.

And when we're successful, then we will be happy. 

Success first, then happiness.

What if I told you that it's the other way around....Harvard studies have shown that happiness comes before success?  Okay, but how can we be happy all the time, so that we become more successful?

Having a positive mindset by thinking positive thoughts creates the effect of happiness.  Positivity is maintaining your calmness, composure, hopefulness, enthusiasm, energy, and love for life.

With 24/7 access to everything going on in the world, sometimes it's difficult to be happy, positive, and hopeful which is essential to our emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

Sounds good….but how do I “think positive”?  That’s what I’m going to teach you in the 21-Day Positivity Practice.

21-Day Positivity Practice Overview  
Why:  Learn how to become a positive and happy person to create the success you want in all areas of life

What:  Use an online tool designed with positive psychology and neuroscience.  Using this tool for just 3 minutes a day creates 6-8 hrs. of positive effect.  

When:  March 18 - April 7

Where:  Private Facebook group just for participants

Investment:   $39

Time: Daily; average 15 min./day ranging from 5-30 minutes.

             The assignments are done at your convenience each day.

Who:  YOU if you want to be happy and more successful in these areas:

  • In your job/business
  • In your relationships
  • In your health: physical, mental, emotional
  • Anywhere YOU show up

Reviews From Others:
"This program makes you realize how we grow up with a set of limiting beliefs created by our previous experiences that shape our outlook in life. If you have a chance to follow Linda’s program, please try it! You’ll want to tell your friends and family about it! In my opinion, this is one of the best programs you can follow to improve your perspective in life. It’s an opportunity to develop the best habits. I wish this stuff was taught to us as kids!" ~ J.S

"If you have a desire in your heart that you long to fulfill, I encourage you to take part in one of these events. Linda is a gifted facilitator and has put the event together in such a methodical way that is so fun, informative and progressive that you will, in just minutes a day, discover the power of this amazing tool while seeing the dial move forward on the very desire of your heart." ~L.L.

ACTION:  Complete the followinginformation and check your email right away.

NOTE that you will receive 2 separate NEXT STEP instructional emails immediately.  Open them in order:  #1, #2.

I respect your privacy and will not share your information.

QUESTIONS? Send an email to Linda@LindaCamden.com

If you're not sure you want to join the 21-Day Positivity Practice yet, I encourage you to watch: The Happiness Advantage: Linking Positive Brains to Performance, a TEDx Talk by Shawn Achor.  It's fun, light-hearted, and provides some interesting findings about how happiness improves our performance.


YES! I'm IN!

March 2024

21 Day Positivity Practice

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